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EOTech 551 / 552 Digital Holographic Sight / Scope Replica

EOTech Military Sights..

EOTech 551 / 552 Digital Holographic Sight / Scope Replica

The EOTech 551 and 552 are the most recognisable Military Sights available for theReplica Rfiles.
These OETech 551 /552 sights are perfect for your Replica M4 or other Rifle. And is fantastic to use on your Real Firearms as well..
Fully Functional , comes with Red and Green LED, in 2 different batteries and over all size...

Aluminum Shroud, and Rear Controls.

EOTech 552 Model
is the Larger of the 2 models, and uses 2X AAA Batteries.
EOTech 551 Model is the Smaller of the 2 models, and uses 4X LR44 Button Batteries.

These amazing sights offer great value for money, whilst delivering amazing scope abilities.
The Batteries last a LONG TIME, in either size !!!

-Easy to setup, fits any 20mm rail
-Elevation and Leverage adjustment on the side of sight
-Shockproof and weather proof material
-Colour: black
-Battery: 4 x LR44 batterie ( 551 ) s or 2X AAA (552) (Not included)
-Dimension: 10 cm (L) x 5cm (W) x 6cm (H)
-Weight: 220g
-A: brightness adjustment (upward)
-B: brightness adjustment (downward)
-C: Reticle colour switching (Red / Green)

EOTech 551 $ 129.00 + P&H

EOTech 552$ 129.00 + P&H


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