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Permits required for most of these products in most states.
We will ask for ID and Licenses or Permits when required.
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Original M60 Ammo Belt and 50 Dummy Rounds

M2 50 Cal Ammo Reset with new projectile.

Very good condition ranging from used with loss of finish to un-issued.
Polished Shell, with new projectile.
One set of links per round.

DUMMY ROUNDS : These Dummy Rounds have matching head stamps and MIL SPEC Projectiles.

$ 19.00 + P&H each
We can do better for quantities over 50.
These sell out very quickly, and are getting very hard to find.


Permits Required for this product in almost all states of Australia
Please ensure you have them ready to send when requested.
We accecpt credit card via paypal,.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the purchaser to be correctly licensed to own and purchase many of these items.
We will ask for ID and Permits when required.

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