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FAQ's and Licensing Information


State Police Licensing and Regulations ( L&R ) Contacts
Registry Phone Registry Fax Registry Website E-mail
1300 362 562 02 6670 8558 NSW Licensing & Regs NSW Email
08 8922 3541 08 8922 3540 NT Licensing & Regs NT Email
07 3364 4416 07 3364 4863 QLD Licensing & Regs QLD Email
08 8204 2495 08 8204 2314 SA Licensing & Regs SA Email
03 6230 2720 03 6230 2765 TAS Licensing & Regs TAS Email
03 9247 3227 03 9247 6485 VIC Licensing & Regs VIC Email
08 9223 7000 08 9223 7029 WA Licensing & Regs WA Email

We always recommend giving your local Licensing and Regulations department a call, they will answer all your questions,
correctly and will also point you in the right direction if you require permits etc.

We have been very happy with the responses from all of these state departments,
they are freindly and easy to deal with, and are used to the questions that apply to your state.

How do I order ?
Email your postcode + what you require we will send you a quote
Do you ship to all states of Australia ?
Yes we do, all states in Australia.
Can you match Best Price ?
Yes, we will match and beat any advertised price in Australia. * 1
Do You Offer Lay By ?
Yes we do, for a maximum of 21 days, 25% Deposit. **2
Do you Drop Ship ?
No, we do not drop ship. All our stock is located in Victoria.
Do you have many shipping options ?
Yes we do , email us we will give you all the shipping options
Do you import your products ?
Yes, we import all our products from OS Suppliers ***3
I have a shooters license is this enough for a Repliica ?
No, in most states you will need a permit, please see Local L&R
I am part of a club, that has exemption, can I buy replicas ?
Yes, we recognise exempt clubs in all states. We do check.
Do I need to have these replicas locked away ?
Differs from state to state, check your local L&R.
Can these replicas be made to fire in any way ?
No, all our replicas are designed not be used to fire any projectile


*1. Note: We wil match and beat any price advertised in Australia on any of our Denix, SHOEI or Militaria range.
**2. Note: Only on some products.
***3. We import almost everything we stock in our store, we are not resellers, we are importers, and can offer a wide varity and personal service.
All stock advertised as in stock is in our warehouse in Victoria.
We accecpt credit card via paypal.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the purchaser to be correctly licensed to own and purchase many of these items.
We will ask for ID and Permits when required.

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